Our Vision

Here at American Blue Collar Canine our Vision is bringing people and dogs together to benefit each other through advanced training. We do this by;

  • Respecting and compassion for each owner and dog
  • Loyalty and dedication
  • Kindness and Empathy

Our Mission

Here at American Blue Collar Canine our Mission is to provide help to owners and their dogs through practical compassionate training resources. We do this by

  • Providing access to free high quality online training programs
  • Providing a safe inclusive learning environment
  • Deliver positive solutions for lasting results.

Our Values

  • Doing the right thing always
  • Being better than yesterday
  • Building lasting relationships
  • Do no harm
  • Empathy
  • Good communication comes from a place of respect, consideration, and empathy. 

Who we are

At American Blue Collar Canine we offer training in many different areas.

  • general obedience
  • behavioral modification
  • service dogs
  • medical alert dogs
  • human remains detection
  • search and rescue

Kim is a certified Master Trainer who trains dogs in general obedience, behavioral modification, that have fear and aggression issues, service dogs, search and rescue (wilderness, area, rural, suburban, disaster), human remains detection (HRD), police canine/criminal apprehension, detection canines, protection canines, agility, and rally. She is certified in training each of the above mentioned and is also certified in training others interested in becoming trainers. 

Kim decided to start her own business with her husband, Doug, and together in 2017, they founded American Blue Collar Canine LLC. Ever since, Kim & Doug have had the pleasure of working with clients to assist them with their dog training needs. Their biggest reward is getting to see the difference each dog makes in their clients’ lives. 


Dogs and Humans Served


Service Dogs Placed


Search and Rescue Provided

Meet our Team

Kimberly Glover

Kimberly is a certified Master Dog Trainer with over 4 years of training experience. Kim always had a passion for helping others and knew her gift was to help people through dogs. In January 2017, Kim attended Highland School for Dog Trainers in North Carolina to become a certified master dog trainer.

Douglas Glover

Douglas has been a part of American Blue Collar Canine for 4 years. As a trainer, Doug has assisted with the training of service dogs specializing in autism, stability, and mobility assistance, and also medical alert. Doug also has special interest in Search and Rescue.