Bella and Tucker by Stream

About Us

Our approach is thorough and complete just as each dog, and training need  is very unique.  We believe in taking the time to thoroughly get to know you and your needs, so we can truly match you with the best dog, or training needs possible.

We are a full service dog training facility, capable of training a family pet to behave, or a dual purpose police dog to neutralize the most violent threat. Our service dog program is a very extensive training program, giving you the peace of mind that your new partner is not only capable of performing his or her job, but also happily ready to perform their duties at any given time.

Our Story

Although we are a new company, we have always had a strong passion for dogs. Kimberly’s passion began to materialize when she acquired Bella, a 3 year old Cane Corso. Bella had been in an abusive home and was extremely timid and fearful of everything. After an extensive amount of training, socializing, and tons of love, she is now able to enjoy her new life as a member of our family.

Meet the Team

Where's my treat

Kimberly Glover

Owner & Master Trainer

Kimberly is a Certified Master Dog Trainer who enjoys working with a wide variety of dogs. She loves getting out there and training the dogs for different jobs.  She takes pride in the work she does and enjoys seeing the differences each dog makes in their new home.  Not only does she train a wide variety of service dogs, she also takes great pride in training Police K-9’s, Detection Dog Services, and Protection dogs.

Douglas at Gammy's

Douglas Glover

Detection Dog Services

Doug has really found a love for Detection Dogs.  He enjoys training with each dog whether it’s searching vehicles, articles of clothing, buildings or even luggage he’s up for the challenge.  Doug has a strict regimen for himself and expects his dogs to follow suite.  His training is done in real world settings.