Dogs are often referred to as mans best friend, but today’s service dogs are clearly mans right hand. These loyal, well-trained dogs are always ready to serve. These dogs often provide a literal lifeline to those in need.

Mobility assistance dogs perform a variety tasks such as pushing a button on automatic doors, retrieving dropped items, and bringing out of reach items such as a phone or medication.These dogs are also capable of opening and closing cabinets and doors as needed.

Some larger dogs are capable of pulling a wheelchair up a ramp. Other mobility dogs may help stabilize a person that may have balance problems, or problems getting out of a chair.

These dogs love to be rewarded, so frequent verbal  rewards  and encouragement are needed. Also required is play time, such as a game of fetch with their favorite toy.

Autism assistance dogs are an invaluable of an autistic childs life. They provide the love and companionship that only a dog can give. Families lives have been changed through the addition of an autistic assistance dog.

These dogs not only assist at home, but also everywhere the child goes including school, restaurants, and movies. Our Autism assistant dogs are trained to provide specific tasks per each child’s need as well as trail.  Since autistic children are prone to run and often towards water, it is our goal to help keep your children safe.  At American Blue Collar Canine we train our dogs to trail.  Before your new companion leaves our facility and joins your family, your canine will be able to find your child with at least up to an hour lead time.

You can send payments for classes at or you can bring cash or check with you to the first class.

What We Provide

Autism Assistance Canine

PTSD Service Dog

TBI Service Dog

Seizure Alert         Canine

Mobility Assistance Canine

Stability Assistance Canine

Hearing Assistance Canine