At American Blue Collar Canine we are committed to you, your pet and our employees safety during the pandemic. We are committed to following the Restart Ohio Responsibly Guidelines to make sure everyone can stay safe. Learn More about what we are doing.

At American Blue Color Canine we have implemented best practices for in person training sessions for our customers to stay safe during these unprecedented times. We also offer a wide variety of online group and individual classes, Learn at Your own Pace series, and available for you.
For our Employees
Mandatory Requirements
  • Ensure minimum of 6 feet between employees, if possible.
  • Businesses must require all employees to wear facial coverings, except for one of the following reasons:
    • Facial coverings in the work setting are prohibited by law or regulation.
    • Facial coverings are not advisable for health reasons
    • Facial coverings are in violation of the business’s documented safety policies.
    • Facial coverings are not required when the employee works alone in an assigned work area.
    • There is a functional (practical) reason for an employee not to wear a facial covering in the workplace.
  • Require employees to stay home if symptomatic.
  • Require regular handwashing by employees
  • Place hand sanitizers in high-contact locations.• Clean high-touch items after each use (e.g., carts, baskets, and other items and equipment)
  • Reinforce key messages — stay home when sick, use cough and sneeze etiquette, and practice hand hygiene — to all employees, and place posters where they are most likely to be seen.
  • Provide protection supplies such as soap and water, hand sanitizer, tissues, and no-touch disposal receptacles for use by employees.

What We Are Doing
  • Require face coverings for employees and recommend them for clients/customers at all times.
  • Conduct daily health assessments by employers and employees (self-evaluation) to determine if “fit for duty.
  • Maintain good hygiene at all times – hand washing, sanitizing and social distancing.
  • Clean and sanitize workplaces throughout workday and at the close of business or between shifts.
  • Limit capacity to meet social distancing guidelines.
    • Establish maximum capacity.
    • And, use appointment setting where possible to limit congestion. 


  • Immediately report employee or customer infections to the local health district.
  • Work with local health department to identify potentially exposed individuals to help facilitate appropriate communication/contact tracing.
  • Shutdown shop/floor for deep sanitation if possible.
  • Professionally clean and sanitize site/location.
  • Reopen in consultation with the local health department.

For Our Customers
  • Ensure minimum 6 feet between customers, when possible.
  • All customers and persons on the premise must wear a facial covering/mask at all times.
  • Specify hours for at-risk populations, as appropriate (e.g., elderly).
  • Place hand sanitizers in high-contact locations.
  • Ask customers and guests not to come if symptomatic.
  • Stagger times of customers and guests.
What we have done
  • Use a health questionnaire to check people for symptoms at entry point.
  • Provide face coverings upon entry.
  • Where possible, accept customers by appointment only.
  • Increase availability for curb-side pickup.
  • Consider suspending return policies.

Our Spaces
  • Ensure minimum of 6 feet between people, if possible. If not possible, install barriers.
  • When possible, designate 6-foot distances with signage, tape, or by other means.
  • Post social distancing signage and disinfect high-contact surfaces hourly.
    markers, use alternate registers).
  • Frequently wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 or use hand sanitizer, cover coughs or sneezes, and do not shake hands.
  • Clean merchandise before stocking if possible.
  • Establish maximum capacity.
  • Comply with all applicable social distancing guidance fromthe U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Ohio Department of Health.
What we have done
  • Close once a week for deep cleaning.
  • Add designated markers encouraging customers to stand 6 feet apart in checkout lines.
  • Use contact-less payments where possible.
  • Increase capacity for delivery and curb-side pickup.

Proactively we can do a lot to keep each other safe and Responsibly Restart Ohio’s Economy. We look forward to working with you in your pet in a safe responsible way.

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