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As there seems to be no end to the ever growing drug problem we face today. The heroin problem has been refered to as an epidemic in many cities. Overdoses are common place not just in large cities, but also small towns and even in rural America.

With marijuana legalized in some states, and many others wanting to legalize it, employers are still faced with the problem of drugs in the workplace. This can be a very costly problem as personal injury and equipment and property damage can occur. This can also lead to costly insurance claims, fines, and lawsuites.

Explosives are another problem we face in todays modern times. As domestic terrorists are determined to wreck havoc by any means possible, dogs are finding themselves on the front line against this threat.

Bed bugs are another problem today. These tiny insects can ruin a hotels reputation.

Our dogs are trained using advanced training methods, and recieve a high success. All of our dogs are trained in a passive alert method. These dogs constantly recieve concurrent training to ensure their skills remain as sharp as ever.


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