Our explosives detection dogs are capable of detecting many forms of explosives such as : Ammonium Nitrate IED / HME, Ammonium Nitrate / Urea Nitrate / ANFO, Black Powder, Dynamite, Ethylene Glycol Dinitrate, ETN / PETN, ICAO-Mandated Taggants, Nitrocellulose, Nitroglycerin, Nitromethane, Potassium Chlorate, RDX.  Our dogs are even imprinted to detect bullets, shotgun shells, and even empty shell casings.

Our dogs train on a daily basis to ensure they are always in a high state of readiness. We can arrive at your location in an unmarked vehicle, and dressed in plain clothes to keep  a low profile. If requested however, we can show up in a marked vehicle, with a uniformed handler. We require that the owner, or member of management escort our canine team throughout the location.

We may provide a one time service, or we can be contracted to provide regular detection services . Whether for an event such as a concert, or an industrial, commerical, or residential client we can help ensure your location remains safe. At the end of each sweep, a report will be written up, and a copy will be provided for your records.