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Drug detection / Protection Dog


Our dogs are trained using advanced training methods. Combining this with the constant concurrent training our dogs receive helps ensure a high rate of success with detecting illegal drugs. All of our narcotics detection dogs are imprinted on marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines.

Since we are not a law enforcement agencey, the business owner or parent reserves the option to interevene without involving the police if our dog alerts on a location. We can show up in an unmarked vehicle and wearing plain clothes so as to keep our presence in a low profile state. If requested however, we can arrive in a marked vehicle with a uniformed handler to make a statement to all.

We will require that the owner, parent, or member of management escort our canine team throughout the location. At the end of our sweep, a reoprt will be written up, and a copy will be provided for your records. We are available for a one time sweep, or we can be contracted for regular repeat visits to ensure your locations remains in a drug free state.