The 6 most important skills to train

In each of these articles, you will learn why it is important for your canine companion to know these and how it will help and how you can apply them to your everyday life! While each command plays a huge role, each command builds off of the prior command. A training session can happen at any moment and Always be fun!.

To sit… to down… to stay…

The importance of place is first and foremost to all the learning you will be taught. Place is where you will send your pup when he is going to learn or even later when friends or family come over and you don’t want them to rush the door acting like a wild, out of control puppy.

Learn more about teaching Place here


Why is sit an important rule for your pup to know? It can replace an unwanted behavior. If your pup for instance has the zoomies, get its attention and make it into a quick training session, reward for listening.


Teaching down may be one of the hardest commands to teach your pup. In saying that, please don’t let that be a discouragement you will just need to exercise your patience! Lay is a great way to get your pup to get your pup to calm down. 


Stay is one basic command that all pups need to learn. If you have friends or family coming over, even though your guests may love pups (big or small) they don’t always want to be jumped on. Even though your guests may laugh and say “oh its okay”. It is always nicer to have a calm pup be asked to come up onto your guests lap.


Your pups recall is an important command to learn. Whether you are in your home or outside you will want your pup to come when called. Having a reliable recall is an important skill for any pup in the event of an emergency. Would you like to go for hikes with your pup off leash? What happens if you are out on a walk and the collar slips off or the leash breaks? Do you panic or does your dog know the command? Those pups that know their recall, can simply be called back. The pups that don’t will enjoy their new found freedom which could put them in harm’s way.


Teaching heel will take a little while, but is worth the work. While it is easy to just put a leash on your pup and go out for a walk, is it you and your pup walking together or are you being pulled by your pup? Big or small, it is always great to see owners and pups walking side by side.

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