Please note: For all classes we offer, we require a copy of your dog’s shot records and a signed liability form.

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Private Obedience Classes:

For those that prefer to have that one on one training, we offer private obedience classes. These classes are great for dogs that need basic obedience and want to advance to the next phase of responsibility.  During the training we will work on and off leash with the most basic commands.

Sit, Down, Stay, Place, Come, and Heal

You will learn the importance of success of approximation and how this will boost your dogs learning abilities.

The one on one atmosphere allows us to focus only on your dog during the class.

These classes are 6 weeks long, and meet once a week for 1 hour.

Please call or email to us to help you setup a class!

Cost: $300.00


Basic In-Kennel Training:

Our in-kennel training is perfect for those dogs that haven’t been through obedience class. During this course we will teach your dog common commands such as Place, Sit,  Down, Come, Heal, and Stay.

Our Basic In-Kennel Training is 3 weeks (21 days).

Cost: $800.00


6 week In-Kennel Training Behavior Modification:

Our 6 week in-kennel training is geared towards those dogs that have aggression issues towards humans or other dogs.

During this 6 week in-kennel training your dog will learn basic obedience, on and off leash manners, and be well socialized with other canines and humans.

Upon completion of this 6 week course, you will receive a Dogtra electric collar and a go home video which will show you and your loved ones what your dog has learned and overcome.  You will also receive one on one instruction with the trainer who worked personally with your dog. Should you have repeat issues they will be fixed at no charge.

This 6 week course will help ensure your dog remains a well behaved member of your family. Half of the cost is due upon drop-off, the remaining balance is due when training is complete.

Cost: $1,800

Our trainers are available should any question arise.

Call us at: 330-236-9789 if you have any questions.

Please note: For all dog classes we offer, we require a copy of your dog’s shot records and a signed liability form.