Behavior Modification

Aggressive behavior in dogs can lead to serious problems, and should be addressed right away. If let go this aggression can spiral out of control, causing harm to people and other dogs as well. The cost of this behavior can then become quite expensive resulting in medical expenses, law suites, fines, and possibly the dog being removed by authoities.

Fearful dogs can also pose quite the problem of their own. Many fearful dogs will have certain things that makes them scared such as gunshots, loud noises, or people wearing hats.

Our 6 week In-Kennel Behavior Modification Course can help prevent all of this. Your dog will stay here in our kennel and recieve the extra attention it needs. Upon completion you will receive a free electronic collar, and free follow up training for your dog. Payment is due in full before your dog begins the course.

Cost: $1,800.00