These versitle, loyal companions have proved their worthiness time and time again throughout history. Many lives have been saved because of their heroics.

Police and military working dogs are often required to take down suspects in the face of danger. These well-trained, highly disciplined dogs can not only take down a fleeing suspect, but when outfitted with survailance equipment can get to places where officers and soldiers can’t.

The nose of a canine is one of its most valuable assets. These hard working dogs are also excellent at trailing suspects and lost persons through harsh, rugged terrain.

Single-Purpose canines are trained in trailing (lost individuals) and dectection. Your Choice of either Narcotics or Explosives.

The Dual-Purpose canines are also required to sniff out Narcotics or Explosives (your choice), trailing suspects, and Bitework. Our Dual-Purpose dogs are guarenteed to be top in the field.

With no end in sight to the drug problem in America, and the threat of domestic terrorism as real as it has ever been, the demand for sniffing dogs continue to grow on a daily basis.

We train the dog you want your K9 to be!

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